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About Us

Food is a big part of a city's cultural life. Immerse yourself in what Glenside has to offer by trying some of the top pizzas in town. Glenside residents have made Renato's Pizzaria Glenside one of the most popular pizzerias in the area. Maybe it will become a favorite of yours, too! Try some of the top dishes in Glenside, and maybe you'll discover a new favorite. An order of Sicilian Squared Pizza allows you to try a local favorite. Give your tastebuds a treat with this perennial favorite.

Guest Testimonials

"We have ordered twice from Renato’s now and both experiences have been wonderful. The food was delicious and ready on time. The restaurant is very clean and the staff is welcoming and has excellent customer service. From burgers, cheesesteaks, the pasta dinners, fries, etc- everything was tasty and we will definitely be making this a go-to spot for our family in the future."

Andrea R.


"This is the second time we ordered from here, and it’s consistently amazing! We’ve been living in Glenside for 8 years and have not found a decent pizza place until now! Tonight we ordered a cheesesteak Stromboli and old bay cheese fries and everything was ridiculously delicious!!!! The Stromboli was beautiful looking, I should have taken a picture. The fries were crispy, hot, and well seasoned!! Also the side of cheese was the melted white American which is a game changer!!! This will now be our new favorite pizza place!! Thank you to the owners for finally bringing great food to the area!!!"

Diana K.


"Now that’s what I call a pizza! From the phone call to pick up and taking home to the family. Amazing service! Friendly staff! And absolutely the best pizza in town! Cibo deliziosi! Comida delicious!"

Heather H.

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